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Sasuke Manga PFP: From Child Prodigy To Black Sheep Of The Uchiha Clan

As one of the founding members of Konoha’s most well known clan, the Uchiha Clan served as shinobi and leaders of the village during its early history. So how did the greatest clan in the village become its black sheep? Let’s take a closer look at Sasuke Manga PFP journey from child prodigy to the man who would defect from Konoha to join Orochimaru.

Early Life

Born on October 23, 1981 in Konohagakure (Village Hidden in the Leaves), Sasuke Manga PFP was gifted with a genius intellect and skilled ninjutsu. As the youngest son of Fugaku and Mikoto, he was seen as the spitting image of his father. He had an intense rivalry with his brother Itachi from a young age. The other children in Konoha looked up to him as a prodigy for everything he could do, and would often play alongside him.

The Uchiha Clan

The head of the family was traditionally the eldest male member of the generation and was generally called the boss. This title was not always held as it should be; for example, Fugaku’s father Shisui wasn’t appointed boss when he should have been because he skipped a generation by marrying Shisui’s mother Mito instead of his sister Mikoto.

The Nine-Tails Attack

Itachi, Sasuke’s older brother, was only a few years older than him, but in many ways he acted as his parent. He protected Sasuke from their father’s rage and encouraged him to train and grow strong. But while Itachi had been training with their uncle, Obito – who would later turn on the Leaf Village and become one of its most feared enemies – Sasuke had been learning ninjutsu under another relative. Then came that fateful day when Itachi told them about the Nine-Tails attack on Konoha. Their family was going away for a while, and they would return when it was safe. That night their father told them what they were really up against. The Nine-Tails had attacked before, and nobody knew if they could be defeated or not.

Betrayal and Loneliness

Sasuke was born into one of the most prestigious clans in Konoha. He had a talent for fire jutsu from a very young age and was able to pass his basic skills onto his older brother, Itachi. Their father, Fugaku, was proud as any father would be. Sasuke always felt like he had something that everyone else didn’t have and it made him feel special. That all changed when he was six years old and witnessed what seemed like an easy D-rank mission turn into the death of both his parents at the hands of Orochimaru and Kabuto. He watched helplessly as they killed both his mother and father right in front of him with no remorse or care for their lives or wellbeing.

The Search for Power

The young Sasuke Manga PFP was born into a clan with an unspoken rule. The firstborn male and female inherits the family’s power. As such, he saw his older brother, Itachi, as someone he could never measure up to. When his father took him aside and told him that he would have his own power and that Itachi would take care of him when they were out in the world, Sasuke felt special. He didn’t know what this power would be but he knew it would make him a better shinobi than his brother.
This confidence turned into resentment when he discovered just what Itachi’s power was-he was a shinobi for hire who killed people without batting an eye.


As a child, Sasuke was already being groomed as the next head of his family. With both parents and two siblings who were older than him, he was often looked down on for being too young and inexperienced to be considered as a leader. When he overheard his father’s conversation with Madara in which they planned an attack on Konoha, Sasuke tried to warn them but no one believed him. After seeing Itachi kill their family, Sasuke vowed revenge and studied relentlessly while waiting for an opportunity. He later became a member of Team Kakashi where he met Naruto Uzumaki who once again convinced him that there are other ways besides revenge.


The once-celebrated youngest son of Madara and Mikoto, Sasuke came from a prestigious family line with a bright future ahead of him. But when he became a genin, he was left with many questions about his life after his father’s abrupt death. He eventually left Konoha in search for answers, but found none and returned to find that Naruto had surpassed him on the road to becoming Hokage. This led Sasuke down a dark path as he sought power in order to fulfill his revenge against his brother who murdered their family and village. When that path failed, Sasuke learned that sometimes there are no shortcuts in life and you must work hard for what you want instead.


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