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Sanji Manga PFP Is The Best Protagonist, Period

Sanji, known as the Pirate Prince and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, is without doubt one of the best manga protagonists of all time. But why? To answer that question, let’s take a look at what makes Sanji Manga PFP so amazing in each of these four essential categories: his personality, skills, character arc, and history.

Who is Sanji?

If you love a good protagonist who kicks butt and stands up for what’s right, then Sanji Manga PFP is your man! He’s got a big heart and will go to extreme lengths to protect his friends. His cooking skills are unmatched by any other character in One Piece (except maybe Zeff), he can kick some serious butt (even if he is a little too emotional at times) and he has one of the best senses of humor in all manga. What more could you want?

Why is he the best?

The one thing that really stood out to me was how great of a protagonist Sanji Manga PFP was- he’s not perfect but he’s always trying his hardest, which is what I love about him so much. He’s always willing to fight for those who are close to him and will literally go through hell and back if it means saving them. He also has this fiery personality that makes you want to root for him every step of the way- he doesn’t let anyone push him around and his confidence in himself never falters no matter how hard life gets for him.

What makes him different?

All too often in media we see the protagonist of a story as an infallible character who can do no wrong. This can make for some frustrating viewing at times; after all, if they’re perfect then what’s the point? Sanji breaks this mold by being both imperfect and downright despicable in many instances; but he also has a strong sense of morality that sets him apart from his fellow cast members. He’s simply not afraid to show his anger or admit when he feels vulnerable – this type of honesty gives him depth and makes him relatable to audiences who might be struggling with similar issues themselves.

His development

  • How much time does it take to read One Piece?

It takes at least a year to read One Piece from start to finish because of how many chapters there are and how long each chapter can be. What kind of manga is One Piece? One Piece falls into the genre of adventure/fantasy with some comedy and drama. What’s your favorite part about Sanji? I love that Sanji Manga PFP always looks out for his nakama, taking care of them and giving them all he has even if it means risking his life!



In conclusion, I believe that Sanji Manga PFP is one of the best manga protagonists ever created. His complexity is a large part of his charm and attractiveness as a character. There’s never been another protagonist in any manga series who has gone through as many transformations as Sanji has throughout One Piece. Sanji been an immature boy with a fiery temper who wants to run away from home and become a pirate, only to then have to fight for his life after he’s captured by pirates and sold into slavery on a ship bound for Elbaf. We see him go from being rebellious against his family members to trying to redeem himself in their eyes by helping them take down Big Mom because he was once again captured and made into her son’s toy soldier during this arc.

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