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Eren manga PFP Profile Photos are a Cute Treat

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan always looks great in his anime profile pictures, and now he’s treating us to some new designs! Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Attack on Titan, it’s impossible not to love Eren when he’s dressed up as other characters like Rurouni Kenshin or Levi from Attack on Titan! He looks just so good! Check out some of the photos below and share your favorites with us in the comments! I can’t wait to see what he dresses up as next!

Eren manga pfps

A pfp is an abbreviation for promotional picture or promotional photo. The manga industry is notorious for producing tons of these. Eren, from Attack on Titan, has his own set of pfps and they’re adorable. If you’re looking for something to cheer you up in this current season of doldrums, head over to google images and search his name. There’s no better way to start your day with a smile than browsing through these lovely photos.

Why we love Eren’s anime pfps

The first time I saw Eren’s anime profile photos, I couldn’t help but smile. They’re just so cute and happy that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, they’re not too high-maintenance either which is something I can totally appreciate when you’re running a business from your phone. Plus he always has something insightful to say about the show which is great for any new watcher of the show who might be feeling overwhelmed by all the different words floating around them like otaku or anime. It feels good knowing there are people out there who have watched the same shows as us and know what we’re talking about.

What makes a good anime pfp

Seeing Eren in his best cosplay outfits is always fun, but it’s even more fun to see him goofing off. Eren really doesn’t have any anime profile photos that aren’t adorable, and he seems to be having fun in every photo he posts. It just goes to show that even when things get tough, there’s always time for some humor.

  1. Eren looks like he has his guard up in this photo, but you can tell that he means no harm with the way he has his mouth twisted into an innocent grin. We’re seeing the intensity of his eyes as well as the slight blush on his cheeks!
  2. Not many people know this about Eren, but one of his favorite hobbies is playing video games.

Our favorite Eren anime pfps

Awww, these photos of Eren from Attack on Titan just make us want to squish him and give him lots of hugs. Eren is such a great character because he reminds people not to take themselves too seriously, even when they’re in the middle of fighting for their lives. His anime profile photos show off his silly side and we hope he never changes.

  • E2 3-6 pfps – eren is talking to armin in this photo and looks kind of sad but happy at the same time? can’t tell what he’s feeling but it seems like something’s bothering him. still adorable tho even if it makes us worry about him


Eren is always posting new photos on her profile and she has an amazing eye for choosing the best pictures. I really love how she posts updates about what anime she’s watching, which is something I also enjoy. Even though I don’t always understand what she says when she writes in Japanese, it still makes me happy to read her messages. For any anime lovers out there, be sure to follow Eren on Instagram to get your daily dose of cuteness!


What is an anime profile photo?

Anime profile photos are pictures that you put on social media as your display picture. They can be anything, but most people like to make them anime or manga-inspired, and it is common to see one of the characters from their favorite series in the picture.

2) How do I make my own anime profile photo?

The best way to get started with your own anime profile photo is by looking up some tutorials online. There are many tutorials out there, but we recommend starting with these two.

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